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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nokia 7710 Solution to most frequently occurred problems
Problem statement 1:
Not able to set .mp3 ring tone in Nokia 7710;

Step 1: It is open the music player from the menu.

Step 2: Select the tool menu

Step 3: select set as ring tone

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Problem statement 2:

Incoming message not prompting in Nokia 7710 or Message ring tone alert
not working for in coming messages in Nokia 7710 or message alert problems
in Nokia 7710


Step 1: Open the profiles from menu

Step 2: Make sure that the profile for which you are going to set the timer is selected.

Step 3: Click the "Set Time" option on the right side of the Profile interface

Step 4: Enter the specific time as you need

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Read the full story below:

Its OK now , I have finally found out
how a .mp3 file can be added as a ring tone to Nokia 7710. Many people
complain me that they are not able to add .mp3 files as ring tone to their
Nokia 7710. But I recommend you to go for an alternative approach.

Before that I also had another problem statement striking my email asking
for solutions- That's is no message alert tone in Nokia 7710. Even I have
resolved the issue in a better way. I am also discussing how to prevent the
message alert from not prompting when ever a message is received i your
Please note that these problems not only exist in Nokia 7710 but also
most of the Symbian 90 series UI Nokia sets.
So here is the solution straight away
It is open the music player from the menu.
Select the tool menu
Select set as ring tone
That's it.
Most of my friends who have bought Nokia 7710 go for profiles and in the
profiles they opt for personalize option. In some cases they are able to
easily send .mp3 as ring tone but in most of the cases they are not able to
find the .mp3 file. Hope this tip of setting .mp3 as ring tone helped you

Coming on to the next ring tone problem.

I myself had this problem and as a usual practice I performed a extensive
search on google to see its not just me who had the problem but there were
more people who already posted forum and had no reply back from forum. I sat
back and started monitoring all activates of my mobile. In one of the forum
I read that the message alert suddenly works good but suddenly it doesn't.
So i was waiting for my mobile to suddenly prompt me for incoming message
and that happened the next day. From the next day I was tracking each and
every activity of my mobile and came to a conclusion that if we recharge the
mobile by switching it on then the problem occures , BUT I WAS WRONG. Later
when i reported this to the Nokia service center they told me the process
flow that happens when a mobile recharges. Later on myself and some of my
close friends in Nokia service center took this issue in a better
comprehensive way and finalized that it was not a error that is rally an
issue. But I say its bad ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the science of work. Ergonomics removes barriers to
quality, productivity, and safe human performance by fitting products, tasks
and environments to people.

I personally called the Nokia customer service number and was engaged so
I was advised to drop a mail regarding this issue by my Nokia customer care
friends . So I send a mail to get a reply mail stating - "Please take
your mobile to the nearer Nokia customer service centre".
The next day I
again send another email regarding an issues that even I myself dint
understand what it was. I used very complex words and more technical terms
with all confusing grammar. I just read the email before I could send it to
Nokia Customer Care. It was absolutely confusing. No more explanation than
that. I send the mail to get again the same reply. Now again as a usual
practice researching on google I found that - "Please take your mobile to
the nearer Nokia customer service centre"
was the statement that all
customer service executives must reply back if they cant resolve the issue.

Any way Here is the solution only two times I faced message ring tone
problem. Form my experience I found that if you do not keep on changing the
profile now and then only then problem persist. In simple terms if you do
not change your profile frequently there is a problem of incoming message
not alerting you. So I have done a smart work. My office starts by 10 AM and
ends by 5 PM. So I set a timer in Nokia 7710, one of the best corporate
feature in my handset.

You can set your profile to change automatically
according to the time you set previously. I too did the same. I set timer to
change my profile now and then. After I did it I had no such problem with my

I hereby recommend you to set automatically change profile.

The following are the above steps.

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