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Friday, September 01, 2006

Developing Themes and Symbian Application Themes Studio and .NET Technologies

Themes for Nokia 7710

Download Nokia 7710 themes from www.this.com, www.that.com, www.some.com, etc. is a stupid thing to do. You can create your own theme with ease. But if you have no creativity and you have not even 5 minutes time to create your own theme then you can go for http://www.nokiasoftwares.nl and download all themes [worst free themes] and pay dollars for themes [best themes].

Secret Of Nokia Themes Market

I will tell you one secret, there are many college students in most of the countries who download and buy themes. Some of the themes sell for more than $45. Most people don't know that themes can be created for free. Nokia 7710 themes can be created with a better user
friendlier user interface. All you have to do is to have a creativity in you mind about what you are about to design and a few tips about basic color combination [Recommended].

Search google for Theme Studio for Nokia 7710 and then go about downloading and installing it., But before you do it you need to have registered in Nokia Forum [FREE]. Again I would like to remind you if and only if you have time you can do it. Its a very big process and you need to
enter many forms and many post backs to update the details etc.

People who do many research on Nokia mobile really find the solution with ease. And in that occasion I am no way an exception.

For most of the trouble shooting regarding Nokia 7710
please find time to navigate to

Developing Symbian Application in .NET

I myself have had a very good experience creating themes using the Free Theme studio for Nokia 7710. I had a need to download the Nokia SDK for 7710 as I had to preview the theme before generating the Preview of the same.

I hereby recommend you to download the Nokia Theme creator and download the Symbian SDK and have more fun. Usually if you are a Java developer then these may really impress you by much. Most of the themes are dispatched with the .sis extension and being a Java developer you will have no third party tools requirement to develop and deploy your own
application for the new Nokia 7710.

And this is no joke ladies and gentle men, - I had people come along with me and ask me whether its Nokia N Series. I am trying to say that Nokia 7710 though it was announced by 2004 officially still it has the look and feel of the new N Series of today. The above statements may trigger your desires to buy the Nokia 7710 but the major limiting factor is that you must know how to troubleshoot the major issues that are the inherent issues with this Nokia 7710.

For most of the trouble shooting regarding Nokia 7710 please find time to navigate to

In case of .NET developer who ask me in community forum chats about C#.NET to developed and deploy .NET applications for Symbian. I hereby dedicate the following sections for such people But Java is the best for Symbian development as it has no third party applications that we need to rely on.

But there is no way lagging behind for .NET developer. I myself I am a .NET developer and I prefer C#.NET as a programming language. In that occasion i was not able to developed and
deploy my applications with ease. Doing more research on Google I found that the only best .NET mobile development Tools provides names AppForge Crossfire can be opted for developing and deploying application sin .NET technologies. But this option is no way out of limitations. The major limitation is that the mobile must have the AppForge Crossfire
framework to deploy the applications created in AppForge Crossfire tools. But for people who have more extensible space on their device memory have no looking behind and can really go for it. And most people do it.

But to get more results on AppForge Crossfire you need to search AppForge term instead of Crossfire.

AppForge Crossfire for .NET application development for Symbian OS

AppForge has support for more than 500 hand sets , transformation to native J2ME from Microsoft technologies, more inbuilt interfaces and I still remember the Blackberry Interface that impressed me by much and last but not the least debugging and previewing mobile
application in Desktop environments.

These tools are not with out limitations - the first and foremost limitation is that AppForge Crossfire deployed applications need the AppForge Crossfire client to be installed on mobile before you do anything to the dispatched .sis file. And I also need you to remember that AppForge Crossfire client is not one of the compact and small software that consumes a few KB of your device memory.

But still for .NET developer its more than anything that some one can provide for mobile application development. But these limitations are over weighted by the AppForge Crossfire advantages like it has unified industrial standards, better performance and rapid application development strategies than ever before. Then major self testimonial of the above statements
that better stay the proof for AppForge Crossfire success in market is its version. Now AppForge Crossfire is in its Version number 6.0, that means that AppForge Crossfire is a great success in industry. And if you see AppForge Crossfire's Mission statement you will understand that they have a very good competitive advantage amoung all .NET development SDKs available online.

So do not wait and lag behind. Go about downloading and installing Crossfire Now.

Most people have asked me for source code but I recommend them to download AppForge Crossfire to see the most comprehensive source code and workable and customizable code snippets etc.


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