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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nokia 7710 Firmware:

Firmware is your phone's built-in software. Occasionally Nokia releases firmware updates for certain phone models.

When I bought my Nokia 7710 my firmware was 4.01 only, But now I have made it to be 4.10 and I tell you its looking great to use. Most of the softwareproblems are resolved and my mobile is working great than ever before. The majorproblem I faced was I lost all my data. I had to take backup of my mobile whichi dint care to do.

Before you are up to upgrade your Firmware I have a few things that you must note.

1) Hit *#0000# to find the firmware version.

[A new person will search for where to type these values. Very simple find
the telephone options from the menu and keep going that's it]

2) Take a complete backup of your mobile.

3) Thoroughly scan your data for virus

4) Note the ESN, ISN, Battery Identity [scratch the spot and note the numbers]

Virus scan is very very important because you may have it in your Nokia 7710 :-)

If you are running out of warranty rush to your nearest Nokia Service Center. If your warranty is expired then you must have to pay for your upgrades.

People find it uneasy to act faster. But its recommended that you go get done it faster as it can improve your performance of your mobile by much.

My sincere advice is to look after your mobile as your own wife. If you letit to someone and go away they will fuck it. There are every chances to changethe parts that you can never find it easier. So its advised that you remainwhere the process is going on and switch on and see whether all are working wellbefore you leave the service center.
Nokia has released a new firmware update for the 7710. Version 4.10.0 is now available. The official log of changes from 4.01.0 are

- Software performance (speed) improvements (Note: Software speeds will vary
depending on language variant, number of contacts, images or messages stored, and other factors).

- Contacts Opening: 19% Improvement.

- Contact search using Search Field: 43% improvement

- Opening of Images Application (Time for all thumbnails to display, with 300 images in memory): 58% improvement. (Note: User can now open an image without waiting for all thumbnails to display) - Startup ofMessaging application: 29% improvement.

- Opening of received SMS Message: 52% improvement.

- Opening of received Email Message: 22% improvement.

- Opening of received MMS Message: 20% improvement.

- Create SMS Message (Open Message Editor): 40% improvement

- Create Email Message (Open Message Editor): 40% improvement

- Create MMS Message (Open Message Editor): 27% improvement

- Camera ‘Shutter’ activation time reduced from 2.5 seconds to less than 1.0 second.

- Playlist opening time 75% faster. (Actual time depends on number of tracks)

- One-handed usage

- Portrait-mode dialer UI, with contacts list, has been added.

- One-hand muting (long press of ‘A’ key) has been added.

- Managing track lists (play lists)

- The user can now create and edit Track Lists (Play lists) directly in the Music Player.

- NAM (Nokia Audio Manager) user guidance

- The User Guide has added sections to help user with copying tracks from a CD, transferring MP3s from a PC and managing play lists. (Previously, NAM user instructions had to be downloaded from web when user installed PC Suite)

- PC suite

- PC Suite is upgraded to version 6.6, with improved usability.

- Application management

- A long pressof the ‘C’ key will close all applications except the currently used (visible) application. (Previously, long press of ‘C’ key closed all applications).


- When an SMS is selected but not opened, a window displays the first part (up to 60 characters) of the message. (User can turn SMS preview on/off via Messaging settings)

- Old SMS Message in the ‘Sent’ box can be automatically deleted at user’soption. Auto-delete options include: User can select maximum number of messagesto be kept in ‘sent messages’ box, or the number of days after which messages will be deleted.

- Navigation

- By tap+hold user can activate context-sensitive pop-up menu with following options: Back,
Forward, Reload, Stop, Open Web Page, Copy, paste, Full Screen, Enable flash, copy link, open link in new window (options vary, depending on context, i.e. some options only available in full-screen mode).

- Improved usability of web page zooming function. (Use of ‘A’ key brings up menu of zooming options)

- User option to turn off flash animation

- The Macromedia Flash function is turned OFF as a default setting, to speed up (and make more reliable) browsing of flash-intensive sites. The user has the option to turn the Flash function on or off within the web page or via settings in the control panel.

- User option to turn off images

- The user has the option to have the images in a web page displayed or turned off via tap+hold
(or via browser menu), in order to speed up browsing.

- User customization


- When an image is open, the user can directly make that image the new wallpaper image.
Previously, the user’s only option was to go to Desk/Display/Set background image, and then find the desired image from the list (or thumbnails view) of all images in the Images folder.

- When setting a selected image as the wallpaper image, the user also has the option of cropping the image.

- ‘My view’ alternate home page

- User has option to set the ‘Desk’ icon or key so that alternate taps on the icon or key bring up either the ‘Desk’ view or a user-preselected application. The default setting is to have only the desk view appear when the desk key or icon is selected.

- ‘Active standby’ alternate home page

- One of the ‘My View’ options is to have the ‘Active Standby’ page appear with alternate taps of the desk key or icon. The ‘Active Standby’ page features a selection of four user-defined application icons, and displays the currently active profile, date and time on a user-defined background image. The user can also change the active profile directly from the ‘Active Standby’ view.

- New accessories supported

- HS-11W Wireless Headset

- HS-21W Clip-on Headset

- HS-36W Wireless Headset

- HS-37W Wireless Headset

- Nokia Music Pack. (Contents include 256 MB MMC, AD-15 Audio Adapter, DD-10 MMC/SD card reader, CA-72U Audio Cable)

- Mobile TV support

- Approximately 30-40% improvement to channel opening time.

- Improved handling of low DVB-H network coverage situations.

- Mobile TV streaming is suspended when user switches to other application (frees up
processor memory for open application).

- Frame-freezing occurrences reduced

So the above details must have given you many reasons to upgrade your firmware. So don't look back for someone to take you. Better you could take someone for a better thing right today - Go upgrade your firmware buddy


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